This web space is under live refactoring:
things will change, things will break,
nothing is stable.

I’m Heracles Papatheodorou, a digital creative and licensed architect (dipl. School of Architecture, NTUA) based in Athens, and work in the fields of design, media arts, architecture and web development. My current research interests encompass digital games, artistic practices and the relationship between the digital and society.

You can contact me at (PGP) or follow me on Twitter and Mastodon, but I don’t do Facebook. Most of the code I write rests in GitHub / Gist, occasional photos on Instagram, certain animated images are hosted on YouTube and noises echo in SoundCloud. You may also subscribe to my list of very —very— occasional updates in Greek with texts, images and links of what I do and what I read.

I’m currently Digital Development Coordinator at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens. I used to tell stories and craft interfaces at citytales.eu, sometimes produced visualisations with weRender.eu, still scarcely write about videogames on LegendaryPKMN.net and lead R&D in DEBTRON.xyz.






remembering without a body disembodied bodies of remembrances