forward-looking statements
    can be
identified by terminology
    such as
    “will,” “may,” “should,”
    “could”, “expects,” “intends,”
    “plans,” “aims,” “anticipates,”
    “believes,” “estimates,” “predicts,”
    “potential,” “continue,”

or the negative of these terms
or other comparable terminology
futures futureless, less futures least one, one’s representations one-dimensional representations one-dimensional as if, as if in perspective

Gardening is the practice of tending to one’s environment with the purpose of stimulating towards producing something desirable.

It is hardly a human peculiarity to create gardens for growing food. The fanciful bowerbird has been curating decorative gardens long before the first zen garden.

We grow plants, shape their leaves and stems, to create ideal locations to ponder upon and walk within when our mind is in unrest. It doesn’t always have to be our own garden.

That’s what this web place is. It that grows iteratively, and a a lot of time is about picking out weeds, reshaping branches. It is about the things that grow, and the things that are supporting them, which change in their own sense. By pushing commits, I hope to pull myself into the web. Creating an ideal method in the meantime.


What can stand the trial of time? What thoughts? What words? To overcome a mountain they say, you don’t get to be looking at the top but where you step at. Even as I type these lines, that dreaded feeling of a mind creating figments instead of fruits of truth cannot be escaped. It is the fleeting imperfection, the never-ready or ready-as-ever way of thinking that the web enables and us ought to embrace. Ephemera will virtually vanish as new things replace them. Things can be short texts, images, links… This is a beggining to share with as little hesitation as posible. Here’s to letting thoughts free as a current, the current through which they travel and light up rectangles in front of you.
instictive prose
calls for
n-gram weighted clichés
+ numerical averages
fickle spiderweb
on thin cirrus anchored
things change
things break


       without a body
disembodied bodies
       of dismembered