An apparatus responding to the need of the contemporary human being for affection, feeling of security and comfort.

Bi-sense XP Corp.

Invisible threads are the strongest ties.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

General Information

The device has been developed responding to the need for affection, feeling of security and comfort of the contemporary human being. Nowadays, after all these years of globalization and the expansion of the cities and interconnections, the alienated human relationships have the chance to be redefined. The previous models of communication like social networks, image status and the hashtag culture have failed to respond to their basic purpose to convince for someone’s happiness. Now it’s time for the image and the sign to be replaced by the interactivity between two users and the lived experience beyond someone’s expectations to pretend.

System Overview

A central server offers someone the chance for a “twin”, a “significant other” partner, a virtual connection between two strangers. A central server scans your DNA data and matches you with a compatible human being. The device responds to the need for the body itself to express without our personal distortion of our image. It is a two directional channel, works like a brain connector with the users giving feedback to one another depending on their emotions with the purpose of transmitting comfort and devotion to each other, without personal obligation.

Photo courtesy of Iason Pantazis

Photo courtesy of Iason Pantazis

Project References

The developers of the software worked on the concept of building a “twin” prototype, taking benefit from the unique qualities that encloses this kind of relationship. These include the sharing of the emotions without the intervention of speech, as far as some of them cannot be described but only experienced.

Authorized Use Permission

The device is applied to the user after the birth by the server. At the time is applied to his “twin”. When the user becomes an adult he has the right to choose the parameters of the use. He will be asked annually to review the User’s Agreement License according to his will.