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A start-up specializing in bespoke Hardware as a Service solutions for government administration.
Konstantinos Doumpenidis (CEO)
Heracles Papatheodorou (CTO)
IT 4 GOV, 2016
ASFA BBQ, 2016
DEBTRON.xyz (corporate website)
Code Repository
Pitch Deck (2016-04-13)

DEBTRON: Disrupting Politics

DEBTRON provides bespoke Hardware as a Service solutions for government administration professionals and freelancing politicians. The practice was founded in 2016 by Konstantinos Doumpenidis (CEO) Heracles Papatheodorou (CTO), although the development of its first product DEBTRON 1.0 predates it.

On March 13th 2016 DEBTRON founders were invited by the The Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance to present their practice at the “IT 4 GOV” awards ceremony. The short film DEBTRON: Disrupting Politics (Greek audio, English CC) was commissioned to document this unique opportunity to present towards an esteemed crowd of government officials, and become a testimony to the practice‘s ethos towards changing the politics of today.