It’s been 2 years since; set eyes on what lies in this page in the context of time. Opinions and thoughts; words and codes; visuals and imprints; all become obsolete as time goes by.

Getting accustomed to the way things are, is surrendering to the equilibrium. In order to be, we have to produce disturbances.

Out of the many things in our life, the hardest variable to isolate and modify is the self. What is our concept of self built of? Memories perhaps, traces of past actions on neurons, tangible things and magnetisations. Whatever it is made of, it certainly isn’t solid.

Yet, we are not allowed to change ourselves, not without a fight, a fight against fear. Fear of not being able to follow our breadcrumbs out of the woods. Fear of being unrecognizable by others. Fear of being inconsistent to self. Fear of loss. Fear halts change, stagnation follows.

Reconsider that fear: forethoughts are only limited simulations. Introduce change by taking risks. Take a step away, break something, leave something behind. Whenever you break something you will feel unease, but it’s only then that you realize what binds you. Decide what you are keeping along the way. Do not worry if things aren’t as shiny as you remembered them. Memory is nothing but a fragile construct. While you’re restructuring yourself bit by bit, keep the people that matter in your life close by. Be good, be kind.

Make change; encode information; decrease entropy.