Algorithmic selection of short films from the Ubuweb collection.

Drawn on curatorial, documentary and installation practices that reflect on the issues of moving image circulation, 24h Ubu features a selection of video works harvested from the confines of the UbuWeb archive. Curated by an algorithm designed by Heracles Papatheodorou that is programmed to fill the 24h slot to its maximal capacity, this video marathon gives the audience the chance to experience seminal, video works of the contemporary art archive during a long night event at the OCC.

Ubu24h is a collection of three scripts, built to be used sequentialy with the purpose to:

  1. ubuscrape.py — create a database of the films available on Ubuweb
    • IN:
      • https://www.ubuweb.com/film the page to scrape
      • the creator’s index (starting point, default = 1)
    • OUT:
      • ./output/ubuscrape.csv contains the scraped data
  2. ubucurate.py — generate an arbitrary selection of films
    • IN:
      • ./output/ubuscrape.csv or the provided ./sample/ubucurate.csv
      • the duration in hours (default = 24)
      • the maximum duration per film in minutes (default = 20)
      • the time the screenings start in hours (default = 20)
    • OUT:
      • ./output/ubucurate.csv the selected films
      • ./output/ubucurate.html a rich formatted programme of films
  3. uburip.py — download the films and rename them appropriately
    • IN:
      • ./output/ubucurate.csv
    • OUT:
      • ./videos/